Extec Labpol 8-12

Advanced Convertible Grinder/Polisher

The Extec® Labpol 8-12 Advanced Convertible Grinder/Polisher is a versatile compact convertible system that can be configured, as required, with 8” (203 mm), 250 mm (10”), or 12” (305 mm) platen. To change the configuration, simply remove the insert and lift the platen from the retaining pegs located on the platen base and replace with the new platen size and insert. Works with a wide-variety of materials including:


  • Hard Steels
  • Tool Steels
  • Cast Iron
  • Steel and Nickel Alloys
  • Non Ferrous Metals
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Composites
  • Carbide
  • Bar & Tube


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Key Features:

  • 3.5” EZ-TSK Touch screen Keypad
  • Adaptable to semi-automatic head with central and variable (0-250 N) pressure
  • USB port to save & load programs
  • Adjustable water flow with safety solenoid valve
  • Removable bowl for easy cleaning
  • Retractable rinsing faucet for easy cleaning

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