Evaporative Cooling Tower

Bench-top apparatus that demonstrates the operation characteristics of an evaporative cooling tower.

This low-maintenance, bench-mounting product contains a heated water tank, a pump, a ducted fan and an instrument panel. Each cooling column fits securely to the heated water tank.

Learning Outcomes

How key variables affect the performance of a cooling tower, including:

  • Variation of water flow rate
  • Variation of air flow rate
  • Packing density and arrangement
  • Variation of water temperature
  • Energy and mass balance


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Key Features

  • Includes TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System VDAS® Onboard for live displays of air temperatures and relative humidity using a psychrometric chart
  • Measures evaporated water loss for a complete understanding of the cooling process
  • Three extra interchangeable columns containing different packing densities and arrangements, further extend experimental capabilities
  • An optional interchangeable column with no packing demonstrates free-fall cooling
  • All columns have clear sides for a full view of the heat transfer process
  • Variable water and air flow controls to maximize heat transfer experiments

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