Autonomous Vehicles Research Studio

Jump-Start Your Autonomous Vehicle Research

Quanser’s Autonomous Vehicles Research Studio is the ideal solution for academics looking to build an indoor multi-vehicle research lab in a short amount of time. Consisting of QDrone quadrotors and QBot 2e ground vehicles, ground control station, vision, and safety equipment, the Autonomous Vehicles Research Studio is the only option for research groups looking to jumpstart autonomous robotics research programs and be productive in a very short amount of time.

Quanser is the global leader in designing and manufacturing engineering lab solutions exclusively for higher ed teaching and research.

Engineered Studio Bundle Includes:

  • QDrone and QBot 2e vehicles
  • Ground control station with high performance PC
  • Studio equipment with Optitrack Flex 13 motion capture system
  • Quarc Autonomous Software License


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Quanser Autonomous Vehicles Research Studio Featured in Research

Adaptive and Neural Network Based Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


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Matthews, Mackenzie Truman

Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Vision and Sensor Guided Landing


Journal Proceedings

IEEE International Conference of Electro/Information Technology


G Bitencourt, EJ Brown, C Bleimling, G Lai, A Molki, T Kaya

Experimental validation of integrated and robust control system for mobile robots


Journal Proceedings

International Journal of Dynamics and Control (2021)


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Additional Information

At the center of the research studio are two autonomous vehicles for air and ground: the QDrone and QBot 2e. The successor of the QBall 2, the QDrone is a quadrotor air vehicle equipped with powerful on-board Intel® Aero Compute Board, multiple high-resolution cameras and integrated sensors. On the ground, the QBot 2e is an innovative open-architecture autonomous ground robot, equipped with a wide range of built-in sensors and a vision system. Working individually or in a swarm, these are the ideal vehicles for your research applications.

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