Aerodynamics Range

Aeronautic Equipment for Education and Training

The aerodynamics range is used for the teaching of a vast range of aerodynamic principles, from fundamentals through to advanced theories. Subsonic wind tunnels teach students the basics about lift, drag and pitching moments, plus the high-level topics such as the boundary layer and pressure distribution around models.

The wind tunnels available span a variety of sizes and experimentation capabilities, including:

  • Bench-top Wind Tunnel
  • Subsonic Wind Tunnel 305 mm
  • Subsonic Wind Tunnel 450mm
  • Subsonic Wind Tunnel 600mm
  • Supersonic Wind Tunnels (Intermittent and Continuous)


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Supersonic wind tunnels are for the more advanced teaching of aerodynamic engineering, with experiments that start with nozzle pressure distribution, on to analysis of Mach numbers, and the measurement and visualisation of pressure and shock waves using Schlieren apparatus. The comprehensive range means that a product can be found to suit every space, budget and complexity requirement.


Key Features

  • A variety of wind tunnel sizes and instruments available
  • Safe, compact, open-circuit suction wind tunnel – saves time and money compared to full-scale units
  • Includes a lift and drag balance with a set of three-dimensional models for experiments in aerodynamic drag
  • The balance works with TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®)
  • Additional models and instruments available to extend the range of experiments
  • Wind tunnel controls mount on a separate, free-standing instrument frame for ease of use
  • The wind tunnels have wheels for easy mobility

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