Tormach 1100MX CNC Mill


We gave our 1100MX a trio of servo motors, an encoder for rigid tapping, and a BT30 spindle. Faster travel speeds cut down program times, and a beefier spindle chews through aluminum, titanium, hardened steels, and alloys without concern of tool pullout.


  • Fits almost anywhere. Cuts almost anything.
  • Servo motors help you to close the loop,
    find home, and hit the gas
  • Faster rapids for efficient cycle times
  • A beefier BT30 spindle
  • Exclusive EDU Packages starting as low as $19,318


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  • 12-station automatic tool changer
  • Flood coolant kit
  • Measurement kits
  • Automatic oil pump and skimmer system
  • Operator console
  • DNC and robotic interface for integration in FMS or CIM systems
  • Tooling packages
  • Assembly, commissioning, training and local support


Control Systems


  • More intuitive, shorter learning curve. Tormach’s exclusive CNC controller gets you cutting sooner
  • Improve G-Code on the fly. Powerful conversational programming lets you tweak programs and keep moving forward.
  • If it’s available, it’s included. We eliminated the headaches of costly upgrades or a al carte pricing that holds advanced features behind a paywall.
  • Program, learn, and train online with PathPilot HUB. All you need are an Internet connection and a web browser. Log in (free membership) to take Tormach for a spin, learn how to program, or make usable G-Code.




Assembly and Support

Assembly, Commissioning, Training and Support

FYI – Tormach CNC machines come unassembled and require a large investment of time, the proper tools and know-how. If you feel like you’ve got this, then great – We congratulate you.

However, for most of our customers, this is a timely endeavor most do not want to do. If that the case, this is where we can shine..

Curriculum Resources

Industry Recognized Credentials

Tormach and NC3 help shape tomorrow’s workforce through certification programs, industry supported curriculum and hands-on training. Tormach recognizes the need for highly skilled CNC machinists. This training gives individuals the chance to use a desktop unit providing a foundation for larger CNC machines.

Tormach is a proud partner of the National Coalition of Certification Centers. Tormach Certifications are developed and administered by NC3 (National Coalition of Certification Centers) and are compatible with other industry recognized certifications.

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