Stepper and Servo Control Training System

Position, Torque, and Speed Control Fundamentals

Stepper and servo motors are essential in industry for precise and controlled motion. They enable automation, accuracy, and efficiency in various industrial applications for increased productivity and competitiveness. Safe, modular training packages allow learners to gain hands-on experience in the
configuration of stepper motor and servo motor controls before engaging with complex, real-world applications.

Topic coverage:

  • Stepper and/or servo motor working principles, construction, and applications
  • Torque calculations and motor selection for specific tasks
  • Drive configuration and commissioning
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting techniques
  • Wiring and manual motor operation
  • Homing and creating smooth motion trajectories
  • Power transmission methods for angular and linear motion
  • Advantages and limitations of different transmission methods
  • Open- and closed-loop control using encoders and feedback devices
  • PID control for position, speed, and torque
  • Control strategies using a PLC for motor applications
  • Control and coordination of multiple axes independently


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Stepper servo training system

Stepper servo control trainer

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Additional Information

  • Fundamentals of Stepper and Servo Motor.
  • Open- and Closed-Loop Control
  • Feedback and Encoder
  • Motor Sizing, Rotary Axis, Linear Axis, and Gearbox.
  • Communication and Control Strategy Using a PLC, and Multi-Axes control system.
  • Drive Installation, Commissioning, and Manual Control.
  • Motion Profile, Jerk, Moment of Inertia and Homing Concept.
  • Position, Speed and Torque Control, PID Concept and Oscillation.
  • Diagnostic and Troubleshooting.

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