Solar Thermal Learning System

A compact workstation to teach the basic principles of thermal Energy

The EDS Solar Thermal is a solar hot-water heating system that teaches students the basic principles of thermal energy, and how it can be collected, stored, and supplied. During the course of their training, students learn how to install the system components, operate the system, and measure different parameters, such as pressure, temperature, and flow rate. The training system enables students to set up various realistic heating systems, such as radiant floor heaters, passive and active solar water heaters, space heaters, and hot water heat exchangers

Topic coverage

  • Introduction to Solar Thermal Energy
  • Solar Thermal Energy Systems
  • Multi-Loop Systems
  • Estimated program duration: 32 hours


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Features & Benefits

  • Includes everything required to operate as a stand-alone, hands-on training system
  • Made with high-quality components currently used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications
  • Easy and safe to use, durable, and manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • A fixed-plate electrical panel allows all electrical devices to be securely fixed to the workstation side with power
  • Comprehensive curriculum consisting of fully illustrated student manuals and instructor guides
Curriculum Resources

Festo LX – The online portal for teachers and learners to access and create a customized learning experience.

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