Solar Power Learning System

The Solar Energy Lab

As solar power production becomes more and more affordable for residential applications, no wonder the
number of installations worldwide is blooming. So comes the need to train qualified technicians in understanding and maintaining these systems. Our solar power learning solutions come in modular packages that will fit your training needs starting with the fundamentals of photovoltaic panels and how they work all the way to actual photovoltaic energy production systems operating in stand-alone or grid-tied operation.

Topic coverage

  • Solar panel construction, photovoltaic cells, diodes, series and parallel
  • Effects of orientation, temperature, insulation, shading on solar power production
  • Store energy in batteries from solar panels
  • Stand-alone photovoltaic installations for DC Loads
  • Stand-alone photovoltaic installations for AC loads
  • PWM vs MPPT charge controllers and their benefits
  • Grid-tied installations and metering methods
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Features & Benefits

  • Flexible packages to match specific training needs and budget
  • Top of the line data acquisition and control interface designed for learning purposes
  • Solar panel emulator for experiments requiring more power
  • Two types of inverters: PWM and MPPT
  • Safe grounding methods between the modules
  • Modular approach allowing for expansion to other topics, such as wind power
  • Courseware available as eLab courses on Festo LX or in print or PDF format
Curriculum Resources

Festo LX – The online portal for teachers and learners to access and create a customized learning experience.

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