ProCobot CNC Automation Platform

Machine Tending, Metrology, Assembly and More with the ProCobot CNC Automation Platform

The ProCobot CNC Automation Platform was designed to help CNC shops become more efficient in their manufacturing  processes, through the integration of robots and automation. As an educational tool, this system will teach students the skills to confidently program and deploy an automated robotic work cell for various applications commonly found within a small to medium size job shop. The goal: Manufacturers will boost productivity and become more efficient, especially amid the shortage of skilled labor by reducing the learning curve, setup time, risk, and cost of automation.

The ProCobot CNC Automation Platform is a robot arm for CNC automation:

  • Universal Robots UR5e with dual Robotiq electric grippers
  • ProCobots PFL Machine Tending Stand with standard grid plate
  • Haas Machine Tending Integration kit  (includes a 4-port pneumatic manifold with solenoid valves, Air-Vise for machine work holding, Robot to CNC control pack, quick connect for all electrical cables and CNC Auto-Door).
  • Universal Robot CORE Track e-Series Training
  • All integration services for connecting to your Haas Mini-Mill
  • Comprehensive on-site training by AET Labs factory trained applications specialist
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Teach your students the future of CNC automation

  • Extreme ease-of-use powered by ProCobot CAP. No coding or programming experience necessary
  • Mobile cart and safe collaborative robot arm = portability and versatility
  • Optional UR Industry Certification program available
  • Optional add-on applications available for metrology, assembly, on-demand deployment and more.



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