Nacelle - Wind Turbine Learning System

A complete scaled down commercial wind turbine system

The Nacelle – Wind turbine Training System is a complete scaled-down version of commercial wind turbine nacelles, making it an excellent substitute for expensive real-life equipment. Space efficient and affordable the machine fully interacts with users, thus enhancing the learning experience. The training system consists of a complete drive train that includes the main shaft, a gearbox with a transparent
side cover, speed sensors, a hydraulic brake, and an asynchronous generator.

Topic coverage

  • Nacelle familiarization, safety, and control system
  • User interface and wind simulation
  • Gearbox, coupling, and alignment
  • Basic hydraulic circuit
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Electrical circuit and panel
  • Troubleshooting


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Features & Benefits

  • Demonstrates how a wind turbine nacelle operates:
    – Touch-screen HMI and industrial PLC (SIEMENS)
    – Fully operational yaw system
    – Complete drive train with gearbox, main shaft, speed sensors, disk brake and generator
    – Electrical panel with frequency drives, breakers, and power supplies
    – Weather sensors to monitor wind speed and direction
    – Helps practice maintenance and troubleshooting skills in a safe environment
    – Full electrical schematics provided
    – Fault panel to enable teachers to insert faults
    – Emergency buttons and protective guards with limit switches for safe operation
    – Cost-effective, realistic training solution
    – Large-scale, proportional components perfect for an educational environment
    – Safe working environment
    – Faultable through the HMI
    – Full hands-on training with rugged equipment
    – Comprehensive curriculum and lab exercises
    – Grid-Tie prepared (add-ons required)
    – Electrical hub prepared (add-ons required)
    – Hydraulic hub prepared (add-ons required)
Curriculum Resources

Festo LX – The online portal for teachers and learners to access and create a customized learning experience.

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