MPS® System 404 Mechatronics Training System

Comprehensive Industry 4.0 and Mechatronics Training System

The mechatronics training system MPS 404-1 is designed for training in basic skills and specialist knowledge in the area of automation technology and mechatronics. Taking the form of a miniaturized production line, it also offers an in-depth look into intelligent networking of machines in the production environment, and their work processes.


  • Networking of multiple stations, control systems, and I/O units with an MES-centered software environment via network-based protocols (OPC-UA, IO-Link, Profinet, TCP-IP, Node-RED)
  • Programming of industrial touch panels and familiarity with modern human/machine interfaces such as augmented reality and web interfaces
  • Familiarity with RFID and network technology, and intelligent IO-Link-based sensors
  • Learning about new business models using industrial IoT retrofitting by means of a webcam and microcomputer equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms
  • Production of customized products using production orders developed through an online store


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The name says it all.

The Festo MPS (modular production system) is the origin, as well as the foundation, of our mechatronics instruction system. It was designed for all those who value independent, industry-oriented education and training in mechatronics and automation technology, and appreciate durable, rugged equipment.

  • From single module to complete system
  • Industry-based training programs – practical and motivating
  • Fostering skills and knowledge development

Curriculum Resources

Festo LX – The online portal for teachers and learners to access and create a customized learning experience.

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