Festo MecLab Training System

Learning the Fundamentals of Mechatronics with the Festo MecLab®

The purpose of MecLab® is to provide students an opportunity to learn the practical and theoretical aspects of automation technology. It consists of three separate systems that can be used in combination or as stand-alone stations, sparking student interest in scientific thinking. MecLab® helps students gain insight into one of the most significant fields of application for automation technology – production technology.

With an open architecture design, the Festo MecLab® can be combined with other technologies including PLC’s, sensors and even Cobots!


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What can you do with a Meclab?

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Contains everything you need for working with MecLab®:

  • 1 Stacking Magazine station
  • 1 Conveyor station
  • 1 Handling station
  • 1 compressor
  • 3 x EasyPort to connect the stations
    to the computer
  • 3 x power supply unit with connector
  • FluidSIM®
  • Documents on CD-ROM
  • Workpieces
  • Tools
  • Screw set
  • Systainers

With MecLab® a wealth of teaching topics and curriculum requirements can be covered, because its contents can be adapted accordingly:

  • Introduction to industrial production
  • Using technical terms correctly
  • Planning, developing and setting up technical systems
  • Understanding and using technical documentation; creating and using schematic diagrams, circuit diagrams, parts lists and technical drawings
  • Building models and creating simulations
    Understanding and applying open and closed-control loop systems
  • System thinking and understanding the interactions of subsystems
  • Developing and constructing electric, electronic and pneumatic circuits
  • Understanding and using pneumatic and electrical actuators, sensors and controllers
  • Using computers as tools for programming and simulation
FESTO Learning Experience!

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