Locktronics Renewable Power Systems

A Compact Kit for Learning Basics of Renewable Energy

This kit combines the Locktronics learning system with a solar panel rig and a miniature wind turbine rig that can be used for experiments in Power and Energy electronics. The solar panel rig includes a full-sized solar panel – rated at 120 watts – that generates a reasonable amount of power under classroom/laboratory lighting. The kit also contains a variable speed DC motor coupled to a three-phase generator which produces up to 20 watts of power, replicating an industrial wind turbine.

Why Choose Locktronics: 

  • Makes learning easier
  • Extensive free curriculum
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Covers range of subject areas
  • Vast range of components
  • Sturdy storage for solutions
  • More instruments available
  • Minimal assembly required


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Together the solar panel rig and wind turbine rig can be used to provide varying amounts of energy, with varying voltage and current, in the lab. Students use these accessories with the Locktronics Power and Energy Electronics kit and 3.7V Lithium-ion batteries to conduct a range of experiments in domestic energy systems.

Learning objectives / experiments:

  • Sources of power and energy
  • Wind turbine operation and output
  • Solar panel operation and output
  • Energy conversion – upconverters and downconverters
  • Energy efficiency
  • Batteries and series parallel configurations
  • Lead Acid and Li-ion battery charge and discharge characteristics
  • Powerwall technology
  • Wind turbines
  • Wind turbine power dumping
  • Three phase rectification
  • Voltage inversion – DC to AC
Curriculum Resources

The kit comes with this comprehensive curriculum resource.

Locktronics power systems curriculum cover


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