Legacy 100V EV Training Bench

100V EV Training Bench

The Legacy EV 100V EV Training Bench is the same bench used to train attendees at our EV Fundamentals Certification Bootcamp. It is the perfect tool for educators to teach hands-on EV fundamentals from a product-agnostic approach that will prepare their learners for careers in e-mobility.

Easily and safely interact with vital EV circuitry, including:

  • CANbus
  • High voltage interlock
  • Pre-charge
  • High voltage power
  • Battery management system wiring, including thermistors, cell taps, and Iso SPI
    J-1772 plug wiring, including proximity/pilot
  • Motor system controls
  • Includes compilation of product user manuals for reference.
  • Includes wiring diagram for reference.
  • Includes display monitors for motor, battery, and charging data.
  • Battery packs and other EV components can be safely removed for closer inspection.
  • Loss of isolation safety monitoring.
  • All components are bonded to the tabletop to simulate chassis ground and sensed by a ground fault monitoring device.


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  • Reusable year after year across multiple class sections.
  • Designed for ease of use and interaction with all EV powertrain components and circuitry.
  • Can be used to describe the purpose and safety functions of all EV components and systems, including electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), battery management system (BMS), and motor system operation.
  • Teach from anywhere. The bench can be disassembled and moved in two sections to fit in a standard ADA compliant doorway.
  • No special requirements for power. Batteries can be recharged from any 110V outlet using a J-1772 plug.
  • Designated space for laptop for real-time programming and datalogging.
  • Programmable motor controller to commission, test, and tune the motor system.
  • Programmable battery management and charging system.
  • Connect to the controller area network (CAN) and interpret data.
  • Demonstrate up to ASE xEV Level 2 skill competencies (Level 3 ASE xEV standards pending).
  • Demonstrate EV wiring and safety best practices.
  • Additional wiring harnesses can be purchased to allow learner opportunities to wire the bench while retaining bench wiring functionality.

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