Electric vehicle Educational Trainer

Electric Vehicle Educational Trainer

  • Electric motor
  • Electric controller
  • Electric battery
  • Electric air conditioner compressor
  • All systems and components are connected by high voltage cables All components covered with protective plexiglass for safety reasons
  • All components are mounted on an aluminum frame with castors.
  • Diagnosis through OBD 16 pole diagnostic socket
  • The high voltage unit is ready for safe use in the training process
  • Battery with a high-voltage disconnect fuse is easily accessible for training purposes

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About AutoEDU

AutoEDU began the development and manufacture of automotive training equipment back in 2003. Since then, our product range has grown to include a wide range of automotive training equipment including, but not limited to:

  • Cars
  • Self contained trucks
  • Fully Operational Engines
  • Training Boards – Simulators
  • Functional Models
  • Cutaway Models
  • The whole range is geared towards vocational education and training.

This type of automotive training equipment plays a huge role in the education of students studying technical subjects. It allows them the opportunity to understand different operating processes, across a diverse range of automotive systems.

Our specially designed training equipment allows for the exploration of different sensors and actuators, as well as a number of other related devices. The different functions of these devices can also be explored.

There are many learning outcomes of using AutoEDU JSC manufactured equipment for training purposes, including:

  • Learning how to perform various measurements
  • Learning how to read and understand technical documentation
  • Learning about schematics
  • Learning about wiring diagrams
  • Learning about error codes
  • Learning about signal characteristics
  • Learning about diagnostic procedures
  • All AUTOEDU training equipment is based on OEM components. All systems are original, and components can only be simulated in exceptional circumstances.

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