Automotive Lighting System Training Boards

A Fully Functional Automotive Lighting System

A fully functional lighting training system trainer is installed in a mobile aluminum frame with telescopic legs. The educational training board is based on OEM components of VW/AUDI cars.

  • Open contacts for measuring system components and circuits
  • Diagnosis of dashboard through OBD 16 pole diagnostic socket
  • Trailer 13-pin socket package (ISO11446)

Training board-simulator is a great educational tool that allows students to learn the structure of lighting systems, study their components, and perform various measurements, tests, and other diagnostic procedures. Equipment for technical and vocational automotive education and training.

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Lighting training boards

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  • Electric wiring diagram with built-in banana plug jumpers for measurements and connecting or disconnecting the components
  • Open contacts for measuring of system’s components and circuits
  • Diagnosis through OBD (J1962) 16 – pin diagnostic connector (Dashboard only)
  • Trailer 13-pin socket package (ISO11446)
  • Adjustable level with the motors of front headlights
  • Adjustable telescopic legs
  • Possible adjustments training with the headlight tester (optional)


  • Possibility to measure electrical signal parameters of system component;
  • Possibility to make headlamp adjustments with the headlamps tester


  • Diagnosis through OBD (J1962) 16–pin diagnostic connector
  • Electronic control unit (ECU) identification
  • Reading/erasing fault codes
  • Displaying the operating system parameters (live data)
  • Activating the actuators (Depends on the control unit)


  • The stand has a closed structure– internal wiring is not visible
  • Power supply: 12V from the battery (optional)
  • Dimensions approx.: (HxLxW) 1820x1360x500mm
  • Weight (Netto) approx.: 65 Kg
  • Made in Lithuania
  • CE certificate


  • 12 V battery
  • 220/12 V Power supply unit
  • Automotive oscilloscope
  • OBD diagnostic scan tool
  • Headlamp tester

Automotive training equipment is a great tool for professional teachers and technicians that helps explain to students of technical subjects how processes in Lighting Educational Trainer MSAS01-T13 operate and its technology.

View similar training systems here: AutoEDU Lighting Boards

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