Anatomage Table: Unique, Accurate, Functional 3D Anatomy Learning

As a market leader in medical virtualization technology, Anatomage enables an ecosystem of 3D anatomy hardware and software, allowing users to visualize anatomy at the highest level of accuracy. Established in both education and healthcare industries, the Anatomage table is transforming standard anatomy learning, medical diagnosis and treatment planning through its highly innovative products.

  • Replicate 3D visualization of the blood circulation
  • Illustrate small particles in blood flow
  • Improve your understanding of cardiac physiological functions
  • Expresses the highest level of regional anatomy resolution
  • Helps visualize the microstructures of the brain, ear, and eyes better
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Learn With Living Bodies

Table 8 bodies deliver the most accurate representation of living anatomy and physiology that can be digitally interacted in 3D space.

Anatomage Bodies allow for interacting with internal anatomy and active physiological responses inside a living human body.

Technological Versatility

With its upgraded anatomy and physiology functionalities, Table 8 increases its technological versatility to tailor to various educational and clinical demands. Anatomage Bodies are now so adaptable that they can be utilized as your learning assistants, practice patients, or surgical consultants.

Set Standards For Medical Education & Training

With Table 8, Anatomage Bodies improve student learning outcomes by simplifying the complexity of the human body through a detailed 3D layer-by-layer visualization of how a living human body looks, moves and functions.

Anatomage Bodies also allow doctors to minimize surgical errors, improve their diagnostic accuracy level and enhance patient-doctor communications.


Life University

Virtual Dissection For All Anatomy Courses Anatomy classes at Life University officially switched from traditional cadaver labs to virtual anatomy labs with the addition of 8 Anatomage Tables. With the Tables, Life wanted to eliminate the chemical-filled classroom environment of cadaver labs.

Lakewood High School

The Anatomage Table is utilized in the Healthcare Analysis course at Lakewood High School, located in Long Beach, CA. Science Teacher, Aaron Volkoff, uses the Table to increase student engagement in his classroom through cadaver lab activities

Stanford University

Detailed Anatomy Visualization With The Table Students in the Clinical Anatomy Summer Program (CASP) at Stanford University interact hands-on with human anatomy while learning foundational medical skills. CASP exposes high school students to dissection practices, surgical procedures, and biomedical technologies.

Tarrant County College

Tarrant County College purchased three Anatomage Tables for their different campus locations to implement into their Physical Therapy Assistant, Anatomy & Physiology, and Emergency Medical Technician programs. Additionally, the Table was used for research and testing purposes, and each campus benefited from the Table.

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