Formech 686 Vacuum Forming Machine

Floor Standing Thermoforming Machine

Featuring a power table, the Formech 686 makes light work of the most demanding applications. Pre-stretch provides a more uniform material thickness for deep molds while an auto-level signals to the user the material is ready to form. Rapid response quartz heaters with 6 independently controllable zones provides accurate heat control for consistent, high definition results. Intuitive color touch screen interface and 20 nameable presets provide ultimate user convenience and ease of use.


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5″ Color HMI /PLC Interface with Memory Function

Mitsubishi integrated PLC/HMI with 5″ color touch screen control and 20 programmable presets.

Quartz Heaters with Variable Standby

Quartz heaters have the benefit of a rapid response and high efficiency resulting in time and energy savings.

6 Independently Controllable Heating Zones

Six heating zones and quartz heaters provide rapid heat response with a greater range of control to form challenging shapes and materials

Power Table

Lifts tool table quickly and precisely making effortless operation, even with heavy tools. Twin controls avoid accidental activation.


Pre-stretch enables the user to pump air into the heated sheet, creating a bubble to avoid thinning of material with deeper tools.


Avoids material sag during the heating cycle and maintains an even distance between heater and sheet whilst providing the user with an audible indication the material is ready to form.

Vacuum Gauge

A visual indication of consistent vacuum pressure being applied (pressure in Hg / bar).

Dry rotary vane pump 16m3 / hr

Oil free and requires minimal maintenance

Applications with the 686FT



  • Forming mold (created by 3D printer or CNC machine)
  • Consumables bundle
  • Mobility with Castors


  • Reel Feed Unit
  • Reducing window
  • Spare parts kit
  • Vacuum Receiver Tank
  • Cooling Fan System
  • Heating Pyrometer
  • Cooling Bolster
  • Vacuum Flow Regulator


Instructor Training


  • Set-up and Operations (~1-2 hrs)
  • Creating and Forming (2-4 hrs)


  • Advanced form designs (6 hrs)
Curriculum Resources

For applications and project ideas:

  • AET Labs custom lesson plan

For operation and basics:


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