Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Promoting creativity and innovation with a new multi-use digital fabrication lab

MassArt makerspace layout AET Labs

Proposed layout of the MassArt makerspace (currently in construction). Prepared by AET Labs.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) is known for its world-class education in art and design, sending skilled and experienced students into the world as professionals who impact their communities in innovative ways.

The digital fabrication technology and equipment available to MassArt students was outdated and spread across the campus among different programs. There wasn’t a focused priority on digital fabrication instruction or universal access to students across programs.

Administration decided to transform unused space, central to the campus, into a digital fabrication lab with cutting-edge equipment and technology. The lab will offer opportunities for cross-collaboration across programs and be integrated into curriculums for undergraduate majors, graduate degrees, and continuing education programs over time.

The Challenge

Transform existing space into an interdisciplinary digital fabrication lab

Administration at MassArt recognized the impact its students could make with a cutting-edge makerspace where they could collaborate.

Unused space on campus was identified as the location for a digital fabrication lab, which needed to house modern technology and equipment and be designed for use across programs, from industrial design to jewelry and metalsmithing to sculpture.


Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) provides a world-class education in art and design to nearly 2,000 students each year, sending skilled and experienced scholar-artists into the world as professionals.

Our Solution

A new digital fabrication lab that will inspire students

AET Labs collaborated with a MassArt administrator in transforming an existing, unused space into an inspiring fab lab. After conversations about the goals for the lab, we created design layouts for a 3-room space and a recommended list of state-of-the-art equipment for students and instructors to use.

We are managing the purchase, delivery, and installation of equipment in the new space. We are also partnering with instructors and a lab manager to provide training on the new technology and equipment, along with ongoing guidance on how to incorporate this impressive new lab into curriculums across programs.


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