July 20, 2022
2 min read

A List of Fun Videos for Engineering Students in Undergraduate Programs

If you're looking for ways to refresh your course content for your undergraduate engineering students, add some videos to your presentations and assignments! We've collected a list of fun videos for engineering students to give you ideas if you're looking to add variety to your courses.

Videos for Engineering Students

1. Engineering Everywhere: Control Systems

This video from an R&D director at Quanser gives an introduction to control systems for your students. He points out control systems throughout a typical neighborhood, in cars, airplanes, trucks, and more.

2. Rewind Engineering: SpaceX Starship

This video from a Quanser R&D Engineer analyzes the control theory behind several viral videos of the SpaceX Starship landing. He also attempts to recreate them with a Quanser QUBE-Servo 2 and a Quanser AERO.

3. Thermofluids Student Competitions

This series of videos were recorded by mechanical engineering students at Nottingham Trent University. They highlight experiments they ran in a thermofluids student competition, sponsored by TecQuipment:

  • Impact of a jet 
  • Parachute optimization
  • Fluid flow and centrifugal pumps

4. Engineering on TikTok

For attention-grabbing videos, the TecQuipment TikTok channel shows quick experiments and demonstrations of TecQuipment engineering equipment set to popular music clips.


The Sediment Feeder #FC80SF positioned on top of the #FC80 channel. Allowing the study of varying effects of sediment on transport & bedform dynamics.

♬ Water Under the Bridge – Adele

5. Careers in Engineering 

Show your students interviews with engineers from around the world where they talk about what it takes to become an engineer and what it's like working in the engineering field. Includes interviews with:

  • Joni Valerio, Chemical/Pharmaceutical Engineer
  • Chris Rice, Mechanical Engineer
  • Zach Kyritsis, Manufacturing Engineer
  • Bobby Randolph, NASA Intern

We hope your students find these entertaining!

If you would like to learn more about any of the Quanser or TecQuipment products highlighted in these videos for engineering students, please contact us! We partner with engineering professors at universities in New England to bring engineering equipment for teaching and research to their labs.