March 01, 2022
2 min read

Why Undergraduate Engineering Programs Need Digital Twins

Digital twins are transforming industriesfrom manufacturing to healthcare to city planning. Digital twin environments replicate physical objects and processes, allowing companies and researchers to advance innovation and performance. The global market for digital twins is expected to grow to $16 billion in 2023. Digital twins are the future, and you can teach this innovative technology to your undergraduate students.

Teach With Digital Twins in Your Control Systems Courses

Bring the digital twin environment to your students and easily integrate them into controls, robotics, and mechatronics courses with Quanser Interactive Labs (QLabs). Quanser Interactive Labs bring credible, high-fidelity interactive lab experiences online with digital twins based on Quanser's most popular physical hardware.

QArm: Same as the physical QArm, the virtual system is a 4 DOF serial robotic manipulator with a tendon-based two-stage gripper and an RGBD camera.
QLabs Controls QUBE-Servo 2: Same as the physical QUBE-Servo 2, the virtual system features a DC motor with the inertia disk and inverted pendulum modules. Rotary encoders measure the angular position of the DC motor and pendulum. The motor angular velocity is measured through a software-based tachometer.
QLabs AERO: Same as the physical Quanser AERO, the virtual system is a dual-rotor helicopter model that can be reconfigured for 1 DOF attitude, 2 DOF helicopter, or half-quadrotor experiments. Rotary encoders measure the angular position of the propeller DC motors, the speed of the motors is measured through a software-based tachometer.
QLabs Controls

Innovate Your Engineering Lab

Innovate your engineering lab by incorporating technology that is changing the world. Quanser is the global leader in engineering lab equipment for university-level teaching and research. Start your virtual lab right away with Quanser Interactive Labs, which comes with a comprehensive set of lab activities. Contact us to get access!