November 30, 2021
2 min read

7 Cool Features of Festo LX

Festo LX is a new digital learning experience by Festo Didactic that provides instructors and students with a way to learn industry 4.0 online and integrated with Festo equipment.

Tony Oran, VP of Sales from Festo Didactic North America, joined us for an online demo of the innovative platform.

Here are 7 cool features of Festo LX that Tony shared in the demo.

1. Variety of learning options. There are multiple ways you can search and filter to find what you need. You can find courses and nuggets (Courses are made up of smaller nuggets.) by topic and get suggested courses based on the Festo equipment that you own. Browse the courses.

Nuggets come in multiple formats. Choose nuggets that integrate with your equipment for hands-on learning, interactive elearning without equipment, etheory that is text and image-based, evaluations, ebooks that come with equipment, and more.

2. Edit courses and create nuggets. You can edit existing courses by changing the course name or photo and removing or adding nuggets. You can also create nuggets from scratch, which can be shared with other teachers from your school who are on the platform. Create your nugget by adding images, video links, files, uploading a video, or adding quiz questions.

3. Works across devices. Instructors and students can access Festo LX from any devicePCs, Macs, iPhone, iPad.

4. Add co-teachers. If another instructor joins you or you have a substitute teacher, they can be added to your group. They can see the students and assignments.

5. Incorporate the Festo Industry 4.0 Certification Program. If you’re part of the Festo Industry 4.0 Certification Program, you can add nuggets with content from the certification. You can add a link to the NC3 portal from Festo LX for students to easily navigate to the site. You can also add NC3 flip books as nuggets to the existing Intro to Industry 4.0 course in Festo LX.

6. Available in multiple languages. Courses and website navigation are all in English and will eventually be available in Spanish, French, and German.

7. New updates are added frequently. Festo is continually adding new features. There is a section within the portal to provide feedback if you have input.

We’re excited by the opportunities Festo LX provides to instructors and students!

Want to see it for yourself? Contact us for a free full-access 30-day trial of Festo LX.