2020 Summer Fab Lab Bootcamp

Summer Fab Lab Bootcamp Home Edition

Sharpen Your Skills over the Summer With our Remote Workshop Series Educators have many factors weighing on their minds as they figure out what the next school year will look like. How do we keep students safe in the classroom environment, all while striving to ensure that ALL our students have the opportunity to continue… read more

5 “Life-ready” Skills You Can Learn in a Fab Lab

Life-Ready Skills You Can Learn in a FabLab

There’s much talk these days about how “soft skills” are growing to be just as important than academic, technical skills for career success. The beauty of learning in a Fab Lab? You’ll acquire both! Here are five important “life-ready” skills students will learn in a Fab Lab: Resilience With 3D printing, Laser Cutting & Engraving,… read more