Elastomer by Stratasys

A new world of possibilities.

Durable parts that elongate and compress, each one printed directly from the F123 Series for superior reliability and repeatability.

The 3D printing material with budget-conscious benefits:

Reduce your costs, shorten your development cycles and simplify the prototype-to-product journey across a wide range of applications. Over 30,000 hours have been put in developing and rigorously testing 3D printing materials that outperform your expectations. The result: improved elongation, superior toughness and extreme durability.

Go large. Go complex.

Create large, complex parts with curves, overhangs and cavities. Design small, simple forms. And everything in-between. All printed in-house, with excellent durability and superb elongation. Thanks to elastomer on the F123 Series.

This is rapid prototyping without workarounds. A truly integrated workflow system that combines a quick-change extrusion head, elastomer material and easy-to-use software. For parts printed accurately, from first to last.