March 09, 2021
Registration Open

Webinar: Tips for 3D Printing Mechanical Assemblies


We’ll explore the design and manufacturing of a basic mechanical assembly using Fusion 360 and the Stratasys F123 series 3D printers. This discussion-oriented webinar is designed for educators in New England exploring new ways to incorporate digital fabrication into their classrooms. Those new to CAD and/or 3D printing in the academic environment are most welcome! Bring along your questions and share your ideas. We will open with a 20 minute demonstration by AET Labs Applications Specialist Adam Zelny, followed by a discussion segment on topics including:

  • What are the most common obstacles you encounter when incorporating 3D printing into your curriculum? 
  • What is the most recent innovation shared by yourself or your students? 
  • Do you include CAD and/or 3D printing within your NGSS curriculum? How? 

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This free webinar is open to New England educators, hosted by Adam Zelny, Applications Specialist at AET Labs.