Digital Fabrication Labs

If your students can think it, why not make it?

The new education model calls for new digital fabrication playgrounds.  Since 2005, we’ve been helping New England educators design, furnish, and sustain makerspaces and Fab Labs with local training and technical support.

Ready to get started or to expand your fleet of makerspace equipment? Have some ideas brewing, but need help with planning? Scroll down to download our free Fab Lab planning guide! Learn what considerations to take to when curating a makerspace, and which questions to ask in the beginning stages to create an optimal solution for your school.

Makerspaces for K-12 to Higher Ed

Quality Tech for the EDU environment

Consultation, Design, Space Planning

Installation Training, Technical Support

Planning out a Fab Lab education solution starts here!

Thinking about creating a Fab Lab or makerspace in your school? Download the Fab Lab Planning Guide and get started today!