February 08, 2023
2 min read

10 Reasons to Attend the New England CAD-Engineering Teachers Summit

We are excited to announce that the next New England CAD-Engineering Teachers Summit will take place March 10, 2023 at Minuteman High School in Lexington, MA! This summit has been an (almost) annual event since 2007, led by our very own, Mark Lyons, VP of Sales at AET Labs and former CAD teacher. Every year, CAD and engineering teachers from across New England join together for an energizing day to connect, learn from each other, and get exposure to new technologies and trends in the local industry.

If you're still unsure, here are 10 reasons why you should attend the New England CAD-Engineering Teachers Summit:

1. Meet other high school CAD and engineering teachers in New England

David Kempskie presenting Universal Robots industry and education applications

2. Learn about new trends in the local industry

3. Get new project ideas for your class

4. Learn what equipment other New England schools have in their labs

Makerbot 3D Printing Solutions

5. Try zSpace AR/VR technology

zSpace Inspire Brain Popout

6. See a Creaform 3D scanning demo

7. See cool multi-colored 3D printed items from Stratasys printers

8. Get tips for the upcoming Massachusetts Skills USA competition

9. Get a break from your classroom—and earn PD hours for it

10. You'll have fun!