December 14, 2022
1 min read

Highlights from a Universal Robots Workshop with Massachusetts Instructors

When instructors and students use Universal Robots collaborative robots for the first time, they are usually amazed and how easy it is to use in a short period of time, so we were glad to host a workshop with a group of instructors from Massachusetts technical high schools, community colleges, and universities about Universal Robots collaborative robots (UR cobots).

The workshop started with an overview of how UR cobots are used in many industry applications which are also applicable to education settings for engineering, machine technology, and metal fabrication programs.

The majority of the workshop centered around hands-on practice with Universal Robots cobots, led by Adam Zelny, Applications Specialist at AET Labs. First, Adam introduced PolyScope, the graphical interface for Universal Robots, which makes it easy for users of all experience levels to get started with no coding needed. Adam introduced pick and place, payload, and move types for Universal Robots, and instructors got to use the Universal Robots interface to move the robot arm around. Adam then illustrated the safety features of Universal Robots and how to program safe zones. The day ended by experiencing advanced features, like force feedback and grip detect.

Thank you to Blue Hills Regional Technical High School for hosting us and lending us your UR5e cobot!

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