August 16, 2021
1 min read

Introducing the Newest Medical Printer from Stratasys

Training medical students can be cumbersome using animals, cadavers, and off-the-shelf models. They don’t accurately represent the anatomy, they require storage and demo space, are expensive, and raise ethical concerns. 

Stratasys, the leading 3D printer manufacturer, recognized these challenges and created their latest medical printer, the J5 MediJet, which sets a new standard for the healthcare industry. It’s an impressive all-in-one medical printer that creates medical models with accuracy, precision, and minimal handling. 

Some of the exciting features of this new medical printer include:

  • Creates brilliantly vivid full-color, mixed material medical models without sacrificing accuracy for highly-detailed 3D anatomical models. It spports DraftWhite™ material for affordable single-material applications, along with a full array of new flexible, rigid color, and transparent materials. 
  • Creates drilling and cutting guides* that are certified as sterilizable and biocompatible for clinical diagnostic use. Models can be sterizalized using Steam, Gamma and EtO methods specific to the print material. Biocompatible materials are certified for limited contact to tissue and bone, and permanent contact to intact skin and for breathing gas pathways.
  • Produces multiple models in a single print on a system that is compact for small spaces.

*with approved 3rd party 510k cleared segmentation software

Take a look at what the J5 MediJet is capable of:

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