February 05, 2021
6 min read

Festo Learning Experience

After many months (more like years), Festo has finally gone "live" with their new Festo LX platform, which will be taking the place of the Mind-Sight LMS. Well, good things come to those who wait (patiently), because Festo Didactic has delivered a truly great platform. We are really excited for what this means to our current and future Festo customers..

With this new release, we are now offering live demonstrations and 30-day, full-version trials of Festo LX, which you can request here. Also please find a brief FAQ below:

What is Festo Learning Experience? First and foremost, Festo LX is a cloud-based content, learning and management system that features a vast library of didactic learning courses for technical education, including the Festo NC3 Industry 4.0 Certification Program.

How is it different? Through a new approach, Festo LX uses multimedia learning nuggets which can be adapted and combined to form individual learning paths. This allows educators to access and build industry aligned content more quickly and and easier.

How does it work? Festo LX is easy to navigate, simple to create new courses and flexible for instructors to enable custom learning paths for each student.

For even more information, please visit the FESTO LX website.