December 30, 2020
6 min read

From KeyShot to 3D Print

Experience all the benefits of a seamless 3D printing workflow, when you incorporate KeyShot into your design process. Unfamiliar with KeyShot?

KeyShot is a real-time, rendering and animation design tool that allows you to quickly visualize your CAD model in multiple iterations with amazing detail. When used in your design process, what you see in Keyshot is what you'll print with the new J55!

KeyShot 10 has streamlined the 3D printing process with the addition of 3MF output and “Smart Export” - a new KeyShot Pro feature - that automatically handles UV Unwrapping and Baking in one process, bringing full-color, multimaterial 3D prints to your studio in hours, not days.

Dream it. Visualize it. Print it.