October 23, 2020
6 min read

Ask an expert webinar: Creaform Presents 3D Scanning for Scientific Research and Historical Preservation

We invite our New England education community to peek into the workspace of archeologists and preservationists, as they harness the capabilities of 3D scanning to fill in the gaps and archive history for the ages.

In this Ask An Expert webinar, Creaform will demonstrate the benefits of 3D scanning technology and software solutions for digital archiving, scientific research and preservation work.

The webinar will feature: 

  • Real-world examples of the technology in action, including a project from the College of Charleston’s Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences
  • “Hands-on” demonstrations of the Go!SCAN 3D portable scanner and a software workflow for digital archiving
  • A live question and answer session with Creaform’s resident EDU-integration expert and solutions analyst, Sarah Giroux, and senior application engineer, Kevin Hone

Register for this free program today to connect with Creaform’s experts and learn how to integrate this technology into your research and fieldwork, preservation project, institution’s makerspace and more. 

Want a sneek peek?

Portable 3D scanners can make digitization projects easy, fast and accurate. Learn how archaeologists are using new tech on a recently excavated shipwreck in Sweden.