October 22, 2020
1 min read

The Power of Waterjet Cutting

After 20 blissful years of marriage, I decided to give something unique to my wife for our anniversary that would stand the test of time. Going back to the  shoreline in Rockport, MA this past spring to the exact place where I had proposed 2 decades earlier, my wife and I sat down on THE gigantic granite boulder where I popped THE question.

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As we stared out at the rough and foamy surf pounding the shoreline, I began to appreciate the beating these rocks were taking, but also admired how they were being formed and polished - The same way a marriage does over time....

Cathedral Rocks in Rockport, MA

So I navigated the rocks (which can be actually quite dangerous) to get to the edge of the water to find the perfect stone that represented our marriage… but it also needed to fit the bed of my Protomax waterjet cutter...

The granite rock to be engraved in the Protomax, approximately 6"x8" by almost 2" thick
With a few adjustments and modifications to the bed, the rock was placed into position.
Our Protomax in action...
Here's the finished piece...
Here's what I didn't expect - We blew holes right out the back of this 2" piece of granite!

Overall, it was a good learning experience with our Protomax, however, I will never underestimate the power of this machine. Working at a pressure of 30,000 psi, this machine can do some serious cutting!

But even more importantly is to never underestimate the effect that personal creations like this can have on others. The technologies available to us in schools and community makerspaces have enabled us to create some amazing things. All done through the power of digital fabrication...

- by David Kempskie