February 11, 2020
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Stratasys Introduces a New Addition to the J Series

J826 3D Printer for Education

The launch of a new Stratasys J-Series 3D printer has certainly made headlines this week! Designed for designers, the game-changing J826 printer makes highly-realistic, full color Pantone-validated printing accessible for education budgets. Below, we’ve compiled a few interviews from the folks at Stratasys as well as researchers who have piloted this truly amazing piece of tech:

From Stratasys

“We believe that exceptional resolution, full color, multiple materials, and high productivity should not be the province of the few,” said Shamir Shoham, Vice President, PolyJet Business Unit at Stratasys. “That’s why we extended the power of our world-class J8-series 3D printers to the new J826 – addressing the needs of mid-volume enterprise shops and educational institutions at a lower price.”

Shamir Shoham, Vice President, PolyJet Business Unit at Stratasys

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From TCT Magazine:

“When we talk about designers, we’re not just talking about product designers that are concerned about color or texture, we’re speaking to all those who design,” Gina Scala, Director of Marketing, Global Education, told TCT. “The design engineers are also interested in this because of the surface finish and the quality that they could get to maybe test an injection mould or maybe do some finite element analysis and put those color maps around the parts that they’re testing for function. It’s product designers in the traditional sense but it’s also design engineers and industrial designers that are seeing value in the J8-series.”

Scala explained: “This is really that first step in bringing that high-quality aesthetic, […] for really maximizing realism and putting it into designers’ hands, putting it into educational disciplines that are preparing the designers of tomorrow, allowing folks to really lean into not only full-color but rigid and flexible materials, and multi-materials in one part. It’s quite spectacular […] it’s even more spectacular when we get it in the right people’s hands and can leverage those capabilities for design.”

“At Stratasys we just want people to use the technology to make their jobs easier, to make their prototypes better. Each year we announce something that gets the industry closer to that. We had the F123 series, we had the F120, it was all about bringing industrial-grade down and making it more accessible. So you see that as a trend from us and it will continue and really make the technology meet designers’ needs.”

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Cambridge, UK-based BiologIC Technologies is using the J826 3D Printer to develop advanced medical instrumentation best-described as a ‘desktop PC of life sciences.’ “Our flagship product architecture will be 100% 3D printed using the J826, so it’s no exaggeration to say that it – and indeed our company – is completely and only enabled by this 3D printer,” Co-Founder Nick Rollings said. “For us, the design freedoms delivered by full-color, multi-material 3D printing enables us to accelerate our design process with zero restrictions. This empowers us to create ultra-realistic parts for our prototype using materials that, thanks to their advanced properties, will enable us to fully 3D print our medical instrument and effectively personalize medicine once our product is finalized.”

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The J826 is set to ship in May 2020. To learn more or reserve click here.