August 23, 2018
6 min read

AET Labs Summer Fab Lab Bootcamp Highlights

Anyone can start a CrossFit-style exercise program on their own and hope to see results.

More often than not, those who go it alone lose steam and fail to progress, or even get hurt in the process. Professional training and tips from a certified coach, along with encouragement and personal experience from fellow CrossFitters help take results to the next level.

Learning to master digital fabrication tools is really no different. A little coaching goes a long way when implementing a program. During the first half of August we were happy to host our 1st annual 7-day Summer Fab Lab Bootcamp at the beautiful Minuteman High School campus in Lexington, MA. 85 instructors from 5 New England states took advantage of the opportunity to learn pro tips and tricks in an immersive environment, with coaching from our Technology Consultants. It’s always gratifying to see the interchange of ideas between teachers during our workshops and events – the collective enthusiasm to share these new digital fabrication technologies with students is extremely motivating to all involved!

A big thank you to all our participants for enriching the session with valuable input from your own experiences – both triumphs and failures. Our team hopes the training you received will help start each participant’s school year off on the right foot – confident, warmed up and ready to go! Check out some highlights from our social channels below:


Day One & Two: Onshape CAD


Day Three: 3D Scanning Applications for the Classroom


Day Four: Advanced 3D Printing Applications



Day Five: Using CorelDraw with your Laser


Day Six: Advanced Laser Cutting and Engraving Applications


Day Seven: VCarve Pro for CNC Routing


You’re truly crushing it New England, implementing these technologies in your STEM programs. It’s inspiring to see our local teaching community embrace Fab Lab tools and be a part of the revolution of making and designing. Best wishes for the coming school year!