November 17, 2017

MakerBot Labs New Experimental Extruder

MakerBot recently announced the release of the Experimental Extruder and MakerBot Labs – a sandbox within Thingiverse to share & discuss advanced Material Print Profiles, software APIs, and hardware mods.

This past December, we invited New England educators to listen in, as guest speaker Chris Franks of MakerBot gave an introduction to this exciting new advancement in MakerBot technology. In this Webinar, Chris explains how custom material print modes offer new advantages to your classroom. Topics include:

  • Various materials such as composite metals
  • Custom slicing mods
  • Modifiable hardware and interchangeable nozzles
  • 10 easy to implement lesson plans for K12 & Higher Ed

The goal of this presentation is to shed light on capabilities and limitations when it comes to multi-material printing at the desktop level and share how creative flexibility can push the boundaries for your school — To view this pre-recorded webinar, please complete the form below:

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