October 14, 2016

3D Food Printing: Culinary Future?

In our last post, we mentioned that one of the innovations of a 3D printer is its ability to create food. Though in the infancy stages, is it possible that 3D printing will be the next big thing in the food world, with numerous positive benefits for anyone with access to a food printer. The concept of simply switching food cartridges in and out of a device in order to make whatever meal you’re craving is intriguing, but obviously comes with some questions.

What You Want, When You Want

Imagine being able to make tacos on-demand. If you’re in the mood for chicken parmesan, just go to the kitchen and 30 seconds later, there it is on your plate. While the logistics of this idea are still in development due to the complexity of macronutrients and vitamins and their incorporation into food product cartridges, complete meals on-demand are not out of the realm of possibility. It is in a simplistic form now, but as technology advances, so too could the diversity of food items a 3D printer could produce.

Implications for World Hunger

Solving world hunger has long been a sort of pipedream for politicians, humanitarians, and those who suffer from it. Now, it may not be entirely unreasonable to suspect that 3D printing could begin to remedy that problem. Putting food in a cartridge and creating meals with the push of a button could revolutionize food accessibility in regions of the world that struggle with things like food storage or supply. It would also open up new possibilities in terms of usable ingredients. Things like algae or insect protein being turned into powder and added into the food would be more cost-efficient and better for shelf-life of the product while adding key nutrients like protein.

3D printing is a captivating idea that is slowly becoming more advanced. AET Labs is here to keep you up to speed on the developments in the 3D printing world. Be sure to contact us with any questions you may have and look into getting your institution its own 3D printer!