March 21, 2016
6 min read

SYFY Labs Expands 3D Printing Partnership with MakerBot

At CES this year, the Syfy Channel announced a partnership with MakerBot that would see ships from the station’s new show, The Expanse. The move complemented their VR marketing for the show well, with viewers not only able to explore the ships with Google Cardboard-type devices, but also able to 3D print them via Thingiverse. Now, the channel’s innovation lab, Syfy Labs, has announced an expansion of their partnership, which will see even more exclusive 3D models made available from an even greater number of Syfy shows.


12 Monkeys Time Machine_3D Model

On Thingiverse, models from 12 Monkeys, The Magicians, Hunters, Killjoys, and Dark Matter are all available for download. These include the time machine from 12 Monkeys, as well as an alien skull from Hunters, among other models. In the coming weeks, the network plans to release even more models from their shows, as well. I admit that I haven’t tuned into the show yet, but I love the movie and am partial to the 12 Monkeys models.


Hunters Alien Skull_3D

Matthew Chiavelli, Senior Vice President at Syfy Digital, says of the partnership, “In just two months, our partnership with MakerBot has found an enthusiastic and growing audience among the 3D printing community. It’s a natural evolution to extend this relationship to include more of our engaging series. Eric Mortenson, Community Manager at MakerBot Thingiverse, adds, “We’re excited not only to see the partnership between MakerBot and Syfy Labs grow, but also for the new designs that will be uploaded to Thingiverse. Since Syfy joined Thingiverse at the beginning of this year, they’ve reached nearly 1,000 followers who, among others, are no doubt excited to see what comes next.”

At the first ever Silicon Valley Comic-Con in San Jose, California, these new models are being put on display at the Voodoo Manufacturing Booth. Readers may remember Voodoo as a MakerBot spin-off dedicated to design and manufacturing. The startup has worked with Syfy to design and optimize all of the 3D printable models and fabricate them for their events. Stay tuned for more Syfy designs to come! Until then, feel free to decorate your cities with the prints above as an indication of your allegiance to the animals of the world.