January 27, 2016


Extreme Redesign Competition and Digital Fabrication ShowcaseSteve-Chomyszak.fw_-300x288

March 2nd, 2016 on the WPI Campus

Steve Chomyszak

– Wentworth Institute of Technology Faculty, Mechanical Engineering Department and Director of EPIC Learning

– Co-Founder and CTO of Mechanology, Inc.

– Co-Recipient of the William E. Roberts Endowed Professorship

 – Stratasys’ Global 3D Printing Curriculum team writer and instructor

– Ambassador to Wentworth’s Accelerate Program

AETLabs is very pleased to announce that Steven Chomyszak has agreed to be our guest speaker at WPI for our Digital Fabrication Showcase on March 2nd. Steve was the co-founder and CTO of Mechanology, Inc. which grew to a 30 person technology company developing high efficiency positive displacement compressors and expanders along with steam turbines ranging in power from 150 kW to 3.5 MW. Steve has worked on and managed numerous multi-million dollar commercial and government contracts developing technology for automotive fuel cells, diesel gensets, compressed air energy storage, high-efficiency oil-free compressors, and solar-thermal power generation and is named on numerous U.S. and International patents.
Steve joined Wentworth Institute of Technology in 2012 as a faculty member in the Mechanical Engineering Department and was a co-recipient of the William E. Roberts endowed professorship this previous fall. He worked closely with Stratasys during the introduction of Stratasys’ Global 3D Printing Curriculum and was selected to teach the inaugural course in the U.S. at Wentworth. Most recently, Steve was promoted to the Director of EPIC Learning at Wentworth where he combines his experience in industry and academia to help nurture the growing campus wide culture of innovation taking place at Wentworth. He is also an Ambassador to Wentworth’s Accelerate program which is focused on developing innovation and entrepreneurship amongst its students and is a member of the Institute’s Intellectual Property Committee. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Syracuse University and Master of Science in General Engineering from Stanford.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to acquire first-hand knowledge of Project-Based Learning with 3D Printing while simultaneously exploring these technologies and gaining the valuable hands-on experience necessary to properly execute and incorporate them into your school’s S.T.E.M. curriculum.

We look forward to seeing you at WPI on March 2nd!

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