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Advanced Laser Cutting Machine Applications

When the excitement of your new laser wears off and you’ve finally gotten tired of making little trinkets for your administrators, take the next step in creativity by learning the many other advanced features and benefits this technology has to offer. Topics Include: Safety Cylindrical engraving with the rotary attachment Jigs and fixtures Advanced Bitmap tracing 2.5D… read more

Using CorelDraw with your Laser

While basic operating of a laser cutting machine is fairly simple, being able to actualize project designs using these machines can require years of experience. Learn subtle techniques to improve results in our popular, hands-on Epilog Laser Workshop. You’ll get ahead of the game, by learning everything from the basics in raster and cutting operations to… read more

Advanced 3D Printing Applications with Stratasys

AET Labs is pleased to present an Advanced 3D Printing Workshop for educators, as part of our Summer Fab Lab Bootcamp.  As a worldwide standard in industry, learn about the patented technology and discover the unique applications that can only be created by a Stratasys 3D printer. Topics Include: Understanding the advantages of a Stratasys… read more

3D Scanning – From Capture to Completion

3D Scanning is an essential tool for reverse engineering, but the evolution of this technology has enabled many other useful applications. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn about the Scan to CAD capabilities and limitations, as well as how to post-process and prepare part files for 3D printing. Topics will include: Selecting the best 3D scanning technology for… read more

Thanks to All Who Participated in this Year’s Extreme Redesign Challenge & Digital Fabrication Showcase!

AET Labs would like to express our wholehearted appreciation to all who attended this year’s Extreme Redesign Challenge: New England Semifinals and Digital Fabrication Showcase – especially in view of our “Extreme” weather reschedule!  To our student competitors – Not only were your designs impressive, but your outstanding presentations got rave reviews from all in… read more

Three Skills Students Can Learn From 3D Printers

More and more schools are embracing technology and hands-on learning, which is why 3D printers are an ideal resource for today’s school. They can help bring history to life, help students discover practical applications for math and science, and get them excited about working together in the classroom. Using 3D printers in your classroom curriculum… read more

Offering MakerBot Consumables

The world of 3D printing is at our fingertips. We have the capability to access this technology in our homes and businesses which means people everywhere are discovering everything a 3D printer has to offer. AET Labs offers you a great deal for replenishing your 3D printing materials: buy 10 spools of MakerBot Filament and… read more

A New Way To Think About 3D Printers

It wasn’t too long ago that 3D printers came into our world. This industrial robot graced our presence in 1984 and, like most technologies, has gotten much better as time has progressed. 3D printing started in high-tech industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and mechanical. Today, we are fortunate to have home and business 3D… read more

DiWire CNC Wire Bender In Action

AET Labs is the exclusive representative for Pensa DiWire in the New England states. DiWire is a unique solution for educators in product design, architecture, fine art, and engineering.  … read more

Crazy Things People Have Created With 3D Printing Systems

Here at AET Labs, we’re founded on the principle of bringing real world industry experience into the technical training environment and our technology consultants and product solutions reflect this exact premise. 3D printing systems are officially here and here to stay. It’s an exciting time for us. 3D printing systems have been a part of… read more