VXinspect™: Dimensional Inspection Software

The 3D inspection software designed for first article inspection or quality control

VXinspect™ is an intuitive and powerful 3D inspection software designed for conducting first article inspection (FAI) and production control. VXinspect features all the essential functionalities required to build a measurement sequence, resulting in high efficiency when controlling multiple parts. A built-in centralized panel displays information you can choose to export in the final report. Simply put, VXInspect provides the most uncomplicated integration of probing, 3D scanning and photogrammetry measurements to meet industry requirements for all quality control applications.


  • Benefits


VXinspect supports CAD import, allowing direct measurements comparisons with CAD models to better understand the part manufacturing defects.

  • IGES
  • STEP

Multiple Measurement Mode

VXinspect is the first software to seamlessly integrate photogrammetry, single‑point touch probe and non-contact measurements into a unique and intuitive software interface.

  • Photogrammetry
  • Probing
  • 3D Scanning
  • Import Mesh


Before starting the dimensional inspection process, the position and orientation of the object in space are of utmost importance. Aligning the part leads to more accurate results throughout the process, from data acquisition up to the final inspection report.

  • Entity selection
  • Best fit
  • Datum targets


The VXinspect sophisticated algorithms and calculation methods offer an accessible way to apply GD&T principles and practices to the inspection project, even for users without extensive experience with GD&T notions.

  • Form and orientation tolerance
  • Profile and localization tolerance
  • Datum reference frame (DRF) construction using geometric counterpart