TQ Subsonic Wind Tunnel 600mm

A practical open-circuit suction wind tunnel for experiments in aerodynamics with a working section of 600 mm by 600 mm and 1250 mm long.  The Subsonic Wind Tunnel is a cost effective option to provide extensive experimental capabilities in aerodynamics.

The wind tunnel gives accurate results and is suitable for undergraduate study and research projects. TecQuipment offers a comprehensive range of instrumentation, including a computer-based data acquisition system.


  • How it Works
  • Included in the Wind Tunnel

Air enters the tunnel through an aerodynamically designed effuser (cone) that accelerates the air linearly. It then enters the working section and passes through a grille before moving through a diffuser and then to a variable-speed axial fan. The grille protects the fan from damage by loose objects. The air leaves the fan, passes through a silencer unit and then back out to atmosphere.

A separate control and instrumentation unit controls the speed of the air velocity in the working section and supplies electrical power to other instruments.

The working area of the tunnel is a square section with a clear roof, sides and floor. The sides are removable. The floor and each side panel has a special position to support wind tunnel models. Supplied with the wind tunnel are a protractor and a model holder to support and accurately adjust the angle of any model fitted.

Two Pitot-static tubes are provided with the wind tunnel. One is fixed near to the inlet of the working section and measures the air-flow rate. The second Pitot-static tube is attached to a two-axis traverse that allows movement horizonally (fore to aft) and vertically, for measurements throughout the working area. The traverse positions are measured using integrated DTI devices. They connect to digital pressure displays so users can observe detailed pressure readings.

A metal frame supports the wind tunnel. The frame includes lockable castors for convenient mobility. Electronic sensors on the included instrumentation can connect to TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®, included). VDAS® allows accurate real-time data capture, monitoring, display, calculation and charting of all relevant parameters on a suitable computer.