TQ Heat Exchanger Service Module (TD360)

The Service Module (TD360) is the core of the TD360 range. It provides hot and cold water to the heat exchangers and all the instruments needed to measure their performance. All fluid connections to the optional heat exchangers are self-sealing quick connectors – for safety and simplicity. The hot and cold fluid streams have different connectors to reduce errors.

The services module’s hot water system includes a tank with a PID controlled electric heater, a pump and tank level indicators. An electrically operated valve opens to let water in to fill the tank. The tank has protection in case of over temperature, low water level and overfilling.

The hot water system gives stable flow rates and temperatures. The services module’s cold water circuit has a flow regulator and connection for an external mains water supply. Both the cold and hot water system have precision needle valves and turbine flow meters to control and measure the flow rates.