TQ Fluid Dynamics Hydraulic Bench

Modular fluid power machines are the latest innovation from TecQuipment. They are a series of realistically sized fluid power machines, including pumps, turbines, fans and compressors, driven by an interchangeable dynamometer. Each machine has all the instruments to measure its performance and exposes students to real world applications of fluid mechanics. Highly motivating, they effectively bridge the gap between theory and practice, also linking in to the areas of aerodynamics and thermodynamics.

This modular equipment is based around our hydraulics bench. The bench supplies water to a wide range of experiments, from simple flow measurement devices, to studies of vortices and open-channel flow. This highly proven approach is compact, safe and economical.

Additional to our modular equipment is a wide variety of free-standing experiments. These products cover various areas within fluid mechanics, including hydrology, hydrostatics and fluid machines.

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