FESTO EDS Solar Thermal System

The EDS® Solar Thermal is a solar hot-water heating system that teaches students the basic principles of thermal energy, and how it can be collected, stored, and supplied. During the course of their training, students learn how to install the system components, operate the system, and measure different parameters, such as pressure, temperature, and flow rate. The training system enables students to set up various realistic heating systems, such as radiant floor heaters, passive and active solar water heaters, space heaters, and hot water heat exchangers.

The training system includes a small-scale hot water supply, a radiator, and a hydronic floor heating system that teach students how solar radiant energy can be harnessed from the sun and converted to solar thermal energy in order to increase air, water, and surface temperatures in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

The training system can be configured to exchange and store thermal energy. The training system permits experimenting with open- and closed-loop heating systems. The main (primary) loop can collect thermal energy and a secondary loop can distribute and apply heat to a gas, liquid, or solid in order to dissipate the thermal energy.