Quanser Self-Driving Car Research Studio

Accelerate, expand, and sustain self-driving research

The Quanser Self-Driving Car Research Studio is a highly expandable and powerful platform designed specifically for academic research. Use it to jump-start your research and scale your vehicle fleet, while leveraging multiple software environments. The studio brings you the tools and components you need to test and validate dataset generation, mapping, navigation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other advanced self-driving concepts

About the Quanser Self-Driving Car Research Studio

At the center of the Self-Driving Car Research Studio, the QCar, is an open-architecture scaled model vehicle, powered with NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 supercomputer, and equipped with a wide range of sensors, cameras, encoders, and user-expandable IO.


Relying on a set of software tools including Simulink®, Python™, TensorFlow, and ROS, the studio enables researchers to build high-level applications and reconfigure low-level processes that are supported by pre-built modules and libraries. Using these building blocks, you can explore topics such as machine learning and artificial intelligence training, augmented/mixed reality, smart transportation, multi-vehicle scenarios and traffic management, cooperative autonomy, navigation, mapping and control, and more.

  • Features
  • Workstation Configuration


  • QCar (single vehicle or vehicle fleet)

Ground Control Station

  • High-performance computer with RTX graphics card with Tensor AI cores
  • Three monitors
  • High-performance router
  • Wireless gamepadQUARC Autonomous license

Studio Space

  • Set of reconfigurable floor panels with roadway patterns
  • Set of traffic signs