ProtoMAX Waterjet Cutting System

The first high performance, abrasive waterjet for makerspaces.

Made by OMAX, the easy-to-use waterjet machine cuts virtually any material. Now you can harness the power of waterjet technology, right in your lab or makerspace.

Continually inspire your students to create. Teach the next generation, with next generation technology.


ProtoMAX Benefits include:

  • Maximum Performance in Small Footprint
  • Easy to Set Up and Use
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Easy to Service


Download Technical Specs Here

Powerful, time saving cutting technology for the education environment

Advanced waterjet software coupled with 30,000 psi pump pressure drives the most efficient waterjet cutting tool for its size. Metal, glass, plastic, wood and more, the ProtoMAX cuts material under 1 in. thick with a 12 in. by 12 in. cutting area. Ideal for light commercial applications, DIY makerspaces, and educational institutions where cutting time matters.


Watch the Protomax Waterjet Cutter in Action Here:

  • Designed to fit into your space
  • Capabilities
  • Simple, Plug & Play Operation
  • Software

Compact Design – Ideal for Classroom Workshops

The ProtoMAX unit integrates both the cutting components and pump into a compact footprint making it ideal for small machine shops, personal workspaces and classroom style workshops. Casters allow for easy movement. With the clamshell cover and submerged cutting, ProtoMAX is a safe and quiet (approx. 76 db) iteration of a light industrial abrasive waterjet.

Cuts virtually anything. Discover endless possibilities.

Start cutting parts right away

Setting the machine up to cut and securing your material in place is quick and simple. Our free OMAX Intelli-MAX Proto software a CAD based system specially designed for abrasive waterjet systems. The personal user interface is straightforward, making it an ideal learning tool for computer-aided manufacturing.

Easy to install

Casters allow ProtoMAX to be moved into place easily. The unit can be plugged into a standard 240VAC outlet. We’ve streamlined the ProtoMAX to minimize assembly steps and time. In addition, our online help videos walk you through the whole process.


Create personal drawings from scratch

Designed exclusively for waterjet, our Intelli-MAX Proto software includes features you would expect from most CAD packages. In addition, it also features waterjet-specific tools, like cut quality and lead-in/lead-out, which help create the right part the first time.

Easily use drawings from other CAD programs

No need for additional 3rd-party software when using other CAD systems or drawings. Intelli-MAX LAYOUT supports files from other CAD programs including .dxf, .dwg, .ord, .ai, .pdf, and .svg formats. Importing into LAYOUT is one easy step.

No CAD drawing, no problem

Intelli-TRACE allows you to take personal images from your camera, the web, or just about anywhere else and convert them to a vector drawing. Built-in tools help you get your drawing ready to cut. Go from picture to part without additional software.


Tutorial and Free Software Download