OneScreen Canvas

OneScreen brings collaborative learning to life for teachers and students.

  • Present, train, teach or brainstorm with anyone, no-download required
  • A valuable tool for collegiate and elementary classrooms alike
  • Annotate on documents or whiteboard, record & save in multiple formats
  • Simple screen share & stream up to 4 simultaneous devices in the room or remotely located

This game-changing interactive smartboard for the classroom includes:

  • Touchscreen available in 55” – 98” sizes
  • 4K UHD touchscreen LED 10-touch
  • Built-in Intel i7 6th Generation Processor, 8GB RAM,
    128GB SSD, 1 TB HDD, Windows 10 Pro
  • Built-in Android 5 OS with Google Play and Miracast
  • Flush wall mount and wireless keyboard included


OneScreen is a digital brainstorm space that captures, records and shares everyone’s ideas.

Go ahead, knock down those classroom walls. Advanced distance and blended learning capabilities combined with all of your teaching tools, in one smart screen.

Plug and Play Solution

Walk up and work right out of the box, stand alone or on the network.

Intuitive Whiteboard Software

Annotate, search, drag-and-drop, save and record on an endless whiteboard. 

Best-in-Class Technology 

Premium 4K touchscreen with built-in Intel i7 computer with Windows 10 Pro and Android 5 with Google Play.


  • OneScreen Benefits

Your lesson is available with or without you

  • OneScreen captures, records and saves all of your lessons.
  • Vacationing and sick students stay caught up and less stressed.
  • Personal login so all teachers can set up their own OneScreen hub.

Rethink your approach to sick days

  • Help students lower their stress levels when they miss class.
  • Spend less time on catchup with students that can’t make it to class.
  • Or, easily bring remote students into class via video or audio to view, attend and take part in the lesson.

Go ahead knock down those classroom walls

  • OneScreen is always online, so live events coverage is one click away.
  • Anytime access to real-time news content that provides rich learning content.
  • Instantly dial in guests, regardless of the communication platform they use.