MobilemakerED Cart

The Mobile Fabrication Lab for Education

Brings the maker learning experience to any learning environment.

This powerful, self-contained learning center provides an entire makerspace in the footprint of a laptop cart.


• Epilog Zing Laser Cutter
• On-Board Fume Extraction System
• Makerbot Replicator Plus 3D Printer
• Carvey 3D Etching & Milling Machine
• Graphtec Vinyl Cutting Machine
• Electronic Prototyping Kits & Common Handtools
• Dell Computer w/ CAD software Installed
and much, much More!


A compact maker lab on wheels, the MobilemakerED Cart is about the size of a school laptop cart, with advanced digital fabrication equipment, a supply of making tools, and physical computing parts.

The Cart enables project-based learning with the following on-board tools; Laser Cutter, 3-D Printer, 3-Axis CNC Milling machine, Vinyl Sign-cutter, PC Laptop, Cordless tool set with; jig saw, drill, multi-tool, Soldering Station, Arduino Microcontrollers, Various Physical Computing Parts, Sewing Kit, Small Hand-Tool Set, and more.

With its mobility, the cart can easily travel around inside a building or rotate to various campuses, which gives the ability to introduce a new learning approach to more students, at schools, libraries, and community centers. The Cart gives educators in a wide variety of situations and conditions, the tools to teach with hands-on, problem-based learning, and providing a platform for the exploration of the individual potential in all students.