PEET 2.0 Intro Electronics (556)

The Preparatory Electricity and Electronics Trainer (PEET) 2.0 is an upgraded version of the original PEET Trainer, Model 556.

PEET 2.0 retains the purpose of being used in programs that focus on fundamental electricity and electronics skills development. However, the upgraded system has been modified slightly to include topics and components relevant in industry today, while eliminating those that are obsoleteThis upgraded trainer also uses Locktronics to present and teach the curriculum. Locktronics is an easily-configurable system that mimics the layout of a circuit diagram, simplifying the transition from circuit diagrams to functional circuits.

Each electrical component is mounted to the underside of a carrier that displays the circuit symbol on the top. These carrier modules have metal clips that connect to the baseboard — a grid of metal pillars into which the clips connect to form electrical circuits.

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